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Newbridge Day Nursery

Newbridge Day Nursery 2014

Maesbury Hall Mill
SY10 8BB
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Caterpillar Rooms 1 and 2

We have two baby rooms known as Caterpillar Rooms 1 and 2. We can take nine babies in each of our rooms daily on a ratio of one member of staff to three babies aged from birth to 18 months.
The staff in the Caterpillar Rooms are all fully qualified nursery nurses. Each of the staff are known as Key Workers. Each baby is allocated a Key Worker when they join one of the Caterpilar Rooms. This allows for a primary point of contact for the parents whilst building a relationship with the child and building on their current learning and development.
We follow each child's routine according to the parents' wishes, supporting baby led weaning and having fun within a safe and secure environment. All babies are given the opportunity to go outside and enjoy play suitable to their age and development.
Bottle feeds are prepared according to each child's needs and we also provide comfortable seating for mothers who wish to breastfeed. We have a breastfeeding policy which can be viewed on our policies page.
Daily information is shared with parents and carers using a daily diary that comes to and from Nursery with the child. This diary details what your child has eaten and drunk, when they've slept and so on. Parents can also use the diary to provide useful information for the Key Worker.
What to Bring
Nappies, cream, bottles, formula, spare clothes, suncream in Summer, sun hat in Summer, comforters e.g. dummy, blanket.
Caterpillar Routine